Independent businesses bring the flavor. Tebi brings the tools.

Our mission at Tebi is to empower local shops, restaurants and caf├ęs with well designed and easy-to-use software, so they can continue to enrich our daily lives.

Tebi was initiated by a group of people with hands-on experience in hospitality, retail and tech: we know how hard it is to juggle all the aspects of being an independent business owner. Tebi will reduce time spent on tedious chores, and free up time to focus on providing a better experience to customers.

Tebi will be available for free on a single device and at a small fee for multiple devices and locations. Alternatively, anyone may run Tebi in their own cloud for free using the open source codebase.

Friends of Tebi will receive occasional updates, ponderings, job vacancies & more. What they won’t receive, ever, is spam.